Greenday Fruit and Vegetable Crisps originated from Thailand and is a highly acclaimed high-quality healthy snack brand. We firmly believe in the importance of a healthy diet for physical and mental well-being, which is why we are committed to providing delicious and nutritious choices. With advanced vacuum freeze-drying and vacuum low-temperature frying techniques, our products retain the original color, aroma, and nutrients of fruits and vegetables while ensuring a crispy and tasty texture.

Greenday offers not only the classic Fruit and Vegetable Crisps but also the Greenday Fusion and Greenday Kids series to cater to the diverse needs of consumers. The Greenday Fusion series combines a variety of fruits and vegetables to provide more options for those who enjoy diverse flavors. The Greenday Kids series is specially designed for novice parents, offering safe and healthy snack choices.

We offer a wide range of vacuum freeze-dried fruits and vacuum-fried vegetable products. The fruit options include Whole Strawberry Crisps, Fragrant Peach Crisps, Apple Crisps, Grape Crisps, Mango Crisps, Durian Crisps, Fig Crisps, and more. The vegetable options include Mixed Fruit Crisps, Mixed Vegetable Crisps, Okra Crisps, Broccoli Crisps, Beetroot Crisps, Pineapple Crisps, Lotus Root Crisps, Taro Crisps, Pumpkin Crisps, and others. Our products have a diverse selection, catering to your preference for either fruits or vegetables.

These Greenday crisps are not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. They are ideal healthy snacks that can be enjoyed anytime, whether at the office, school, or home. Our products are free from artificial colors, preservatives, and genetically modified ingredients, ensuring they can be consumed with peace of mind. Let Greenday Crisps be your companion for a healthy lifestyle, providing you with delicious and wholesome enjoyment!

In addition to the mentioned products, we continuously strive to introduce new flavors and product series to meet different consumer preferences. You can look forward to more surprising choices such as Banana Crisps, Blueberry Crisps, Pink Grapefruit Crisps, Cauliflower Crisps, and more. We not only focus on the richness of taste but also prioritize product quality and freshness.

Our products are sourced from high-quality fruits and vegetables, undergoing strict selection and procurement processes to ensure that each crisp meets the highest quality standards. We are dedicated to providing fresh, healthy, and delicious crisp choices, allowing consumers to easily enjoy the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, we highly value environmental protection and sustainable development. We make efforts to reduce packaging usage and opt for recyclable materials in the production of our boxes and bags. We also actively participate in social responsibility activities, supporting the development of farmers and communities, and advocating the importance of a healthy diet.

Whether you are a health-conscious consumer or a food enthusiast seeking tasty snacks, Greenday Fruit and Vegetable Crisps can meet your needs. Our mission is to provide the best healthy snack choices for consumers worldwide, enabling everyone to enjoy a delicious and healthy life.

Choose Greenday, choose health, choose deliciousness! Whether you need an energy boost during work or crave a healthy snack after exercise, Greenday Fruit and Vegetable Crisps are your ideal choice. Let’s bring happiness to our bodies and taste buds together!